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Latest Result: Evanston Squash Premier Division : Stephen Alltop (3) - Hal Sprague (0)

World Squashleagues.com Match Count*:53295
Average Squash Matches Per Day*:9.65

Choose your club Membership Last Result Locality Region
Qatar Qatar
John Lord Duffers League 14 161 1194 20 Dec 2014 Doha Qatar
United Kingdom United Kingdom
High School Squash 0 12 93 25 Jul 2014 Northamption Northampton
Evanston Squash Club 0 21 69 20 Dec 2014 Chicago Illinois

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A - Number of 'A'ctive members
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Squashleagues.com is an online squash league structure for individuals rather than teams. Each club is voluntarily managed by a local squash enthusiast, and not by Squashleagues.com. The onus is on active members of each club to decide where and when to play each other. The flexible nature of the Squashleagues.com system makes it particularly suitable for lovers of squash who are not able to make a regular team or weekly commitment. You are very welcome to join in the fun - either as a leader of your own club, or as an active member of a club near you.


  • "World Squashleagues.com Match Count" is based on the number of recorded match results since the first was entered in August of 1998. A small percentage of these results will be 'walkovers' where no actual match took place.
  • "Average Squash Matches Per Day" is based on the average number of results recorded since the 1st of January 2000.

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