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Squashleagues.com is a SLMS - Squash Leagues Management System. There is no software to download - it all sits right here on the Internet, 24 hours per day.

Each club is run by a local leader - NOT by us at Squashleagues.com. We provide the tools - you provide the leadership and the squash players! The system works equally well whether you want to offer it to all players in a locality (whichever centre they normally play at), or as an 'in-house' service to your local club.

Members of your club can (and do):

  • Enter their own match results
  • Edit their own personal profiles
  • Upload their own photographs

This means that most of the work in keeping your club up-to-date is performed by your members.

But the most important ingredient of a club, after it's members, is the leader. The duties of a leader include:

  • Accepting/rejecting new member applications
  • Deciding who gets promoted or demoted at month end
  • Answering local queries
  • Generally cheerleading and encouraging the members

How does the a leader do all this? Easy! A suite of online and easy-to-use administration tools are available to each leader to make his or her 'job' easy - even enjoyable! Absolutely no prior computing experience is necessary aside from the ability to connect to the Internet on a regular basis.

Some of the flexibility over your club that you have as leader include:

  • The number of players in each division. We recommend 4, but any other number is valid.
  • The frequency of each competition. We recommend that you recycle the league positions each month, but every 2 or 3 months or more is fine if that suits your local requirements.
  • Determining the future functionality and direction of Squashleagues.com. We rely on your feedback in order to make Squashleagues.com better for all clubs - not just your own.

Please note that, until further notice, no requests for new league creation/leadership are being accepted. Thanks!

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